Disability Claim Abuse (Workers’ Compensation Abuse): Insurance Fraud and Workers’ Compensation Surveillance

Kolbach & Associates Investigations’ staff knows workers’ compensation law and we remain up to date on changes affecting the investigative industry. We investigate the accuracy of medical information supplied by an employee who has filed a disability claim using discreet activity checks, still photography, and/or video surveillance. We can also conduct research to find any workers’ compensation claims previously filed by the employee. When necessary, we use various employment sources to assist in the identification of fraudulent claims.

The following investigative services may be required in an alleged insurance abuse case:

  • Determination if the claim is valid.
  • Determination if the claimant is adequately insured.
  • Witness interviews.
  • Determination of the actual nature of the injury.
  • Photographing the injury.
  • Compiling accurate reports.
  • Obtaining video and photographic evidence.