Our professionally trained and experienced investigators do more than just take pictures to develop evidence on criminal activity ranging from insurance fraud to death investigations. We thoroughly understand that a good, strong investigation is necessary when the preparations are being made to represent your clients. Our preparations include recognizing, developing, and presenting evidence that reconstructs events, sequences and time elements for the proper presentation of facts. We know how to educe cooperation from individuals with relevant, crucial, information and data that is needed to assist you.

Through the many years that we have been in business we have worked closely with many leading criminal lawyers and law firms. The combination of our background research services, interview/interrogation and through investigative techniques allows us to obtain decisive and vital results. We can assist you with getting results and conduct every investigation in a confidential and professional manner within the parameters and limitations of authority.
If you need experienced and knowledgeable investigators who have the necessary courtroom experience to assist with your case preparations, don’t hesitate to give us a call.